What is activEco?

What is activEco?

The activEco, or rather, “activEco – sustainability in action” is a yearly educational program for youth from Moldova and neighbouring regions of Romania and Ukraine, implemented by the EcoVisio Association, Moldova. Its main aim is to empower creative and motivated young people to focus their energy on transition of our society to sustainable living.

The program was born in 2013, and has now completed its fourth year of implementation, with 116 alumni from Moldova, Ukraine, Romania and even Italy, who have implemented 63 civic projects of various dimensions in the region and, in their turn, have engaged thousands of people

Since 2014, it has two branches: 1) activEco - Sustainable Development and 2) activEco - Social Entrepreneurship, with same programme structure but with varying goals and content to accommodate participants' interests and needs.

Our vision

We believe that Moldova and its neighbouring regions are a perfect place to embark on a sustainable way of development in all spheres: economic, social and environmental.  Its small size, lack of fossil fuels, presence of rich fruitful soils, warm climate and creative minds are the best prerequisite for inventive solutions combining economy and environment, social and cultural benefits.

Our mission

Empowering creative and motivated young people through capacity building by education, exchange and project work.

We want to improve the world of ecological opportunities in Moldova and neighbouring regions, and we invite you to participate, if you are:

  • young and active…
  • caring for your environment, society & economy…
  • eager to exchange your ideas and get involved...

Then activEco is for you!

Be the change you want to see in our environment, economy and society!

Why activEco?

With activEco program you can:

  • Learn more about the ecology and sustainable development
  • Be guided by experienced local and international trainers
  • Learn to work with partners and find resources
  • Develop, plan and implement your own project
  • Become part of an exciting network of enthusiasts

The program involves those who become part of it into a process of constant interactive learning, capacity building, and practical implementation of the acquired skills as well as multiplication of the impact in a broader society. “activEco” comprises a capacity building curriculum, a seed funding for volunteer’s micro projects and a peer-to-peer mentoring. This way it offers a secure platform for learning, sharing and trying out innovations in the field of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. The major outcome of “activEco” is that at the end of each program year there is a group of skilled and inspired multipliers of sustainable development strategies who are eager to engage in a growing network of change makers in our region.