Who is organising activEco?

The core team is a group of interdisciplinary activists from Moldova and Germany:

  • Eliza Mamaliga ("Dulce Plai" Social Entreprise) - local coordination 
  • Maxim Pijevskii (Peace and Conflict and International Economic Relations) - local coordination
  • Gabriela Isac (International Relations) - activEco organizational team; communication and PR coordination, acquisition of participants, support
  • Veronica Cazacov - activEco team; IarmarEco 2015 coordinator; Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2016 coordinator;
  • Petru Vinari - activEco 2014 alumni reprezentative; activEco alumni coordinator in 2015

And there are also lots of helpers and supporters in the extended team, who are extremely important to the overall success of the project:

Liliana Botnaru, Amy Samuelson, Bhavesh Patel, Alexandra Balta, Olesea Fortuna, Olga Cobilaș, Nastea Șersun, Gabrilela Nichifor and others.