Social Entrepreneurship Program 2016

  • Do you have ideas that keep you awake at night?
  • Do you want to work toward making Moldova a better place?
  • “Cooking up” a product or a service that will address a social challenge?
  • Aspiring to be part of a team of courageous people that develop innovative solutions for Moldova?

If your answer is…“YES, THAT’S ME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR!”

Impulse seminar - May 24-29

Together with other like-minded young people we will create the vision of Moldtopia and we will develop ideas that bring us closer to the country we want to develop. You will become part of a Social Business project and you will know what is the first activity you have to do to test your idea.

                   Social Entrepreneurship Forum - May 29

This is an event designed to introduce you to the emerging world of Social Business in Moldova and to connect you with social entrepreneurs. Here you will present your idea and get valuable feedback.

Project Management Seminar - July 11-16

Having your idea prepared  in between the seminars, we will meet again to start working toward project implementation. You will develop skills needed  to be a successful social entrepreneur: team work, fundraising and friendraising, communication, time management and other topics according to the group and projects need. 


During the program you will have the support of one mentor. Mentors in our program assist you in your personal development during the program.

                          Project Implementation August- October

Now is time, you have  3 months to pilot your social business idea, get feedback, make conclusions and plan the next steps. Piloting means creating and testing the prototype of your product or service etc.

IarmarEco - October 16

A fair of ecological and social entrepreneurship initiatives. This is the time and place for you to show the public your project journey and results, as well as a chance to get to meet great people and potential partners.

Harvesting Seminar and Future Opportunities Seminar - October 12-16

And here we come together again to share experiences, to reflect on our own development process, and what future opportunities we see for the group.