Tino Rasche

Tino Rasche: facilitator in activEco 2016 - Harvesting and Reflection Seminar.

Shortly about me: I was born 1983 in Jena (Germany). I was raised up in India. I went to school and made my Abitur in Moscow and Berlin. My civil service in the Ukraine was helping elderly people and former forced labourers and prisoners from concentration camps. I was studying Technical Physics in Ilmenau (Germany) and St. Petersburg (Russia). I do have theatre experience from international projects. I am involved in MitOst association and German-Russian Exchange St. Petersburg on an honorary basis. Since 2008 I am working as a facilitator, trainer and mentor at Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg.

Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg - for me it is a vivid possibility to combine my interests in natural science with society. It is the place to play a part in responsible use of natural resources and peaceful resolution of social conflicts of interest, doing that by intercultural exchange.

It was a pleasure to work in Moldova together with all this engaged people being full of energy. I felt being part of a dynamic network that is going to change Moldova and the world around. Let’s keep going together!

Julia Knyupa

Julia Knyupa: facilitator in activEco 2016 - Project Management Seminar.

Hi! I'm Julia from Ukraine, who was blessed to work in activEco team in 2016. I am involved in youth non-formal education programs since 2012 as a facilitator and mentor. Topics of my professional interest are non-formal learning, self-growth and self-development, youth initiatives, participation, solidarity, conflict transformation and dialogue. I specialize on topics of coaching and mentoring, graphic facilitation, media literacy, sustainable development.

My professional background: 3 years as a journalist, managing PR of international project for 8 months, 4 years of international seminars as a trainer. In the last years, I also work as a life-coach and have been certified by European and international standards.

I appreciate the chance to be a part of activEco team and I see this program as a really opportune one for Moldova and Ukraine. It was a unique experience of collaboration in a huge team of positively oriented and professionally prepared facilitators. I hope for future collaboration with this program, whose greatest treasure are people.

Alexandru Lozinschi

Alexandru Lozinschi: facilitator in activEco 2016 - Sustainable Development Impulse Seminar Ro/Ru.

More info will follow soon. :)

Olga Skobina

Olga Skobina: facilitator in activEco 2015 - Harvesting and Reflection Seminar.

Non-formal civil education is my passion. I work as a trainer for 8 years and my interest to facilitation only deepens. I love live processes that happen at the seminars. Participants expand their horizons and learn new things about themselves, about the others, about social topics and opportunities of active citizenship. But most of all, I like that those young people start to act. They work on themselves, gaining knowledge and skills, they bring their ideas to life, making their environment and the people surrounding them better.

Moderation of activEco seminar expanded my horizons as well. First, I very much liked the friendly energy of the program and the possibility to brainstorm and try out new ideas. Second, it is a very alive community shaping around activEco and EcoVisio. Third, it is Moldopia – the vision of sustainable, developing, positive Moldova in 20 years, which inspires and unites people around constructive ideas. After my first experience in activEco I wish to continue our partnership and implement many more educational events together.

Nurana Mamedova

Nurana Mamedova: facilitator in activEco 2015 - Project Management Seminar.

I am from Azerbaijan but currently doing my master degree in France in the field of Diplomacy. I have been involved to Theodor Heuss Kolleg and MitOst as facilitator since 2013 and national cooperation program coordinator since 2014. Here I open new world for myself where I came up with following question: What can be better than transferring your knowledge and skills to the people around you as well as learning from them? Especially, when these knowledge and skills serve to make the world a better place to live. This is what non-formal education means to me - the way of unstoppable development through making positive changes in our surroundings.

I am enormously lucky that my way overlapped with activEco in 2015. I will never forget this experience as I had the chance to get familiar with fantastic participants - young entrepreneurs and social actors in the field of Sustainable Development; compelling team of coordinators, facilitators, alumni representatives that are extremely passionate about the work they do. The main thing that I want to point out is that for these people it was not just work or matter of participation - it was their absolute state of life. I gathered a lot of inspiration from Moldova thanks to change makers of activEco. I am looking forward for expansion of this unique program, because our world is in need of such flashlight.

Corina Ostafi

Corina Ostafi: facilitator in activEco 2015 - Sustainable Development Impulse Seminar Ro/Ru.

Originally I am coming from Romania, where I have finished my studies in communication sciences and philology. Currently I am working in the field of non-formal education and active citizenship as a facilitator and program assistant at the international organization MitOst e.V. based in Berlin, Germany.

In 2015 I had the great chance to facilitate a seminar on sustainable development in Moldova within activEco. The wonderful team, the amazing participants and the beautiful green landscape of Moldova created a valuable experience. The whole work of EcoVisio association and activEco program is an inspiring model of engaged and passionate people willing to contribute to a more sustainable country. And as far as I could see it works wonderfully!

Susanne Kitlinski

Susanne Kitlinski: facilitator in activEco 2014 - Reflection Seminar.

My passion is transformation design for sustainability. I generally work in the field with different stakeholders like NGOs, "green business" and companies that long to become more sustainable in Germany and Eastern Europe. Apart from this I am a specialist in fundraising and green job development. As a professional Coach I love to listen and to develop unseen and maybe unknown potential.

Moldova has a very special meaning for me as I have collaborated with some strong stakeholders and political influencers for a couple of years. I have always had something like activEco in mind, but could not find it those days.

Now, as activEco is growing, it is an answer to my question of how to engage people successfully. It is a great bottom-up approach to enhance and empower future generation to take responsibility in the field of sustainable action. You rocked me a lot by your passion and living your purpose - Keep going!

Marta Gawinek-Dagargulia

I am from Poland and live in Georgia. I have worked in different local and international organisations in Poland and Georgia as coordinator of projects, and now run a small NGO based Warsaw based and take care of my 2 year old daughter Tinatin. Since 2009 I am a trainer and mentor at Theodor Heuss Kolleg.  My biggest fascination is facilitation of learning processes of youth and supporting them in changing the world for better by the projects. 

I work as a trainer in different countries, but in Moldova I have experienced the most devoted team of coordinators, trainers and participants, that not only do their work professionally, but really with big hearts and passion. Sometimes when I facilitate the trainings on sustainable development I am overwhelmed by the feeling of concern and sorrow because of the general situation in the world. Thanks to the meeting of so passionate people and wonderful and brave ideas I really experience the power of every day activeness that does change the world in small steps

Olia Diatel

I am working in the field of youth work and participation since 2010. I have been working as a trainer for Thedor-Heuss Kolleg for four years. In 2011 I became coordinator of the THK Cooperation Program in Ukraine ‘Civic engagement workshop’. And until now it is very important part of my life. In the same time I am working on a project with a goal promote my home region - Crimea.

In the frame of Thedor-Heuss Kolleg there a lot of cooperation programs in different countries and it is very interesting for me to get to know them from inside. So I was really happy to have a possibility to contribute to activEco in Moldova because

a) it's a neighboring country for Ukraine so it is interesting to search for possibilities for future cooperation; b) I am interested to develop stronger international  connections between Alumni of different programs; c) It is good to learn from other programs and teams which make those programs alive.

I think activEco have a big power and potential  because of its focus on the topic, of sustainable development and due to a strong team which is really passionate about what they are doing.

All the facilitators in the Program are active in the pool of Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg trainers and are involved in similar activities to activEco in other countries of Central and Eastern-Europe.

Bhavesh S Patel

I am a conversational architect! What does that mean? It means that I design and facilitate the conversations that groups need to have to work on their issues and opportunities. The issues and opportunities could be anything from improving organisational processes to community groups discovering their shared vision.

My design work uses principles from complexity science and methods such as open space technology. I use participatory methods that engage collective intelligence and support the emergence of answers from the group. I believe that in an increasingly complex world there are no off-the-shelf solutions. Groups and organisations can find their own answers through engaging the hearts and minds of their own people. My passion is finding ways of organising that support people and life, ways that are different to the ones we use to organise machines!

I also work as a trainer delivering workshops that explore skills in personal, relational, and organisational leadership. This includes self-management, communication, coaching, and facilitation skills. I have a background in Management Psychology, Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Technology of Participation, Human Systems Dynamics, and Cognitive Edge. I have worked in Cambodia, South Africa, Australia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Vietnam, Thailand, Sweden, Holland, India, Norway, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, and South Sudan.

My clients have included Shell, Motorola, Deutsche Bank, Malaysia TV3, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Aberdeen Asset Management, Singapore Institute of Management, Lafarge, Fraser & Neave, Zuellig Pharma, Averis, Bangkok Bank, Prudential, World Wide Fund for Nature, World Health Organisation, Endava, Initiatives of Change, Initiative Mittel Und Osteuropa, and of course activEco!

Matthias Haberl (Vienna, Austria)

I work as trainer for various programmes of Theodor Heuss Kolleg, also for Universities in Austria and Germany and in the non-profit sector mainly in Eastern and Central Europe. Currently I work at the development association Südwind NÖ Süd in Austria. 

My approach is that we don’t need much to shape our surroundings. Often a good idea and some motivation is enough. With this background we started in Austria the "Lobby for a good life" (www.ig-gutes-leben.com), where we try to collect and promote actions, values for a sustainable, ecological, fair, aware life (or let’s just call it "normal"). 

Active Eco is amazing, as it not only promotes but lives its values for a sustainable lifestyle. The energy of the involved people just catches one and going with this flow is a valuable experience. 

The development of the programme and the organization Ecovisio is quite a good pattern for organizations in other countries. Especially because it seems to combine approaches of environmental education with those of global education and not only teaches them but also puts them into practice. With a lot of fun involved. That’s truly very inspiring...