Olga Boiko

From: Kyiv, Ukraine

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Interests: Non-formal education, ecological education, eco-activism, communication with people, travelling, culture exchange

About: Part of several NGOs in Kyiv (UYCA, NECU, Morkva-club, Sweet o’svit). Mentor in Neighbours 3.0 and activEco. Believes in non-violent communication, tolerance and respect towards all earthlings.

Mentor of "Development of the civic society in Transnistria through trainings: An Introductory Lectures Module" (2016)

Katrina Broughman

From: USA; temporarily lives and works in Riscani, Moldova

Languages: English and Romanian

Interests: recycling, environmental education, arts / theatre / creative writing / music (clarinet, voice, guitar, piano), cultural exchange, and intercultural communication.

About: works as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in teaching English and ecology. Has experience in outdoor instruction, project development, academic mentoring, fundraising, and event coordination. 

Mentor of ""Căruța" - Trips with fun and social impact" (2016)

Victor Bujoreanu

From: Straseni; lives in Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, English, Russian

Interests: Social Entrepreneurship, renewable energy, design and product development, community development and training

About: mechanical engineer, activEco - Social Entrepreneurship 2015 alumnus (with project "Atelier 99") and current facilitator; co-founder of "Atelier 99 / FabLab Moldova"; trainer in youth organizations in areas: teamwork, leadership, strategic planning.

Mentor of "Solar Dryer" (2016)

Veronica Cazacov

From: village Haragis, Gagauzia; lives in Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, Russian, English


About: activEco - Social Entrepreneurship 2015 alumna with the project "Torbesc"; member of "Torbesc", "Dulce Plai", Harap Alb, activEco and EcoVisio teams; coordinator of IarmarEco and Social Entrepreneurship Forum (2016).

Mentor of "Eco Society" and "iParc" (2016)

Cristian Cernat

From: lives in Ialoveni, works in Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, English, Russian

Interests: ecology, social and personal development

Mentor of "Revitalization of the cave "Surpriznaia"" (2016)

Rita Cerneavschi

From: Iasi, Romania & Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, English

Interests: intercultural exchange, travelling, ecology, social entrepreneurship, raw and vegan food

About: alumna of activEco ‘Sustainable Development’ programme - 2015 (with the project "Grădina Urbană"), continued to be part of the community as a mentor and kitchen facilitator. Always open to share knowledge and experience and learn from others, believer in a holistic approach to health and interconnectedness of everything inside and outside of us.

Mentor of “Reward Yourself" (2016)

Victoria Coroban

From: Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, English, Russian

Interests: all aspects of education (formal, non-formal, in family, in system, etc.), efficient learning; culture; civic engagement

About: studied journalism and management of cultural projects. Founder of the community “UpGrade in Education” and a trainer in the domain of efficient learning.

Mentor of "Ecological Future" (2016)

Olga Cortac

From: lives in Chisinau, Moldova; often goes abroad

Languages: Romanian, Russian, English, French

Interests: peace promotion, leadership, personal development and social inclusion 

Mentor of "EcoSurvive" (2016)

Olga Disli

From: Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Interests: recycling, renewable sources of energy, ecological and healthy food

About: nature lover, vegetarian, part of reciclare.md team, believer in a harmonious, healthy and happy world

Mentor of "ECOlectare" (2016)

Bartosz Gawarecki

From: USA; currently Balti, Moldova

Languages: English, Russian, Romanian

Interests: sustainable development, especially Recycling, Ecology, Environmental Protection and Social Entrepreneurship

About: a Peace Corps Volunteer, has been working with a group of Moldovan youth called Green School to implement a major recycling project in Balti: "Câștigăm când Reciclăm"

Mentor of "UleiUș" (2016)

Inna Gordeeva

From: lives in Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Russian, English, Romanian

Interests: children, creativity, video making and editing. Whatever is making people awake.

About: activEco-2015 alumna with the project "Using organic waste in an efficient way"; member of activEco / IarmarEco / EcoVisio team; facilitator. Loves life and people. 

Mentor of "Social Video" and "Izvorul Curat" (2016)

Valeria Horyaeva

From: lives and works in Sumy, Ukraine

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, French

Interests: management, logistics, staffing, optimizing, environmental awareness; urban gardening; equality and identity among a society; intercultural dialogue; conflict solving; youth unemployment; diplomacy; social entrepreneurship; socialization of refugees; non-formal education

About: background in finance, money and credit; project manager of NGO “Council of young scientists”. activEco-2015 alumna with the project "ecoestafeta.com".

Mentor of "Taking care about what's important" (2016)

Gabriela Isac

From: Chisinau, Moldova.

Languages: Russian, English, Romanian.

Interests: environmental education and tree-growing, especially together.

About: activEco 2014 alumna (with the project "Green Education"), member of EcoVisio/activEco team; one of coordinators of the Seed It Forward initiative. Appreciate quality and love for the things that she or the others do. 

Mentor of "Hai să creăm verde!" (2015), "Green Community" (2016)

Alexandr Iscenco (aka Shurik the Creator)

From: Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Russian, Romanian, English

Interests: green entrepreneurship, technological eco-innovations, robotics, 3D printing, psychology, economic incentives, and games.

About: leading the organization MEGA and 3D Magic Makers, as well as writing environment-focused Sci-Fi novels. More information is available at http://alexandr.megageneration.com

Mentor of "Live Green" (2016)

Christie Johnson

From: USA; lives in village Chiscareni, Singerei district of Moldova

Languages: English, Romanian

Interests: youth development, environmental impact, equality, leadership building, tourism exposure, and social initatives.

About: a Peace Corps volunteer. Believes in empowering someone to create or become the change they desire.

Mentor of "Guguță: Trainings about street safety with kids in schools" (2016)

Nicolai Kirnev

From: Tvardita; city of residence - Chisinau

Languages: Russian, Romanian, English, Bulgarian and Ukrainian.

Interests: cultural tourism, archaeology, engagement of local communities and real changes.

About: grantee of the project "Summer Cinema in Open Air", in Buiucani park, Chisinau; activist.

Mentor of "Healing River" (2016)

Iurie Nuca

From: Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Interests: sustainable development, technology, philosophy, music

About: activEco - Social Entrepreneurship 2015 alumnus with the project "Atelier 99", activEco alumni coordinator in 2016. Co-founder of "Atelier 99 / FabLab Moldova". M.S. in electrical engineering, worked a lot with electric transportation and electrical energy. Veteran american football player at Chisinau Sentinels.

Mentor of "Mad Welders in Park" (2016)

Andrey Patraman

From: lives and works in Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Russian, English, Gagauzian, Romanian

Interests: work with children from orphanages and projects connected with children, environmental cleaning, work with socially vulnerable sections of society, permaculture, sustainable development.

Mentor of "DOM art cluster" and "Social Video" (2016)

Irina Pompus-Mura

From: lives in village Teleseu, Orhei; works in Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, Russian

Interests: planting, ecological agriculture, permaculture and environmental education

About: biologist / ecologist; works in the area of medicinal plants cultivation. activEco-2015 alumna with the project "EcoQuest"

Mentor of "The Vacation Village" (2016)

Sofia Sadogurska

From: comes from Yalta, lives in Kyiv, Ukraine

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Interests: non-formal education, ecology, environmental protection, sustainable development, recycling, climate change, nature conservation, art, self-development, intercultural dialogue.

About: working as a scientist in institute in Kyiv with a focus on research of the Black Sea biodiversity. Alumna of the Civic Engagement Workshop (Майстерня громадської активності) - 2014. Now, member of the “Insha osvita” mentors’ pool. Passionate about travelling and getting to know new people, cultures and languages. Communicative and always ready to learn something new.

Mentor of "ЕкоПотяг" (2015), "EcoShift" (2016)

Maria Tarigradean

From: Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, English

Interests: Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Cleantech Entrepreneurship

About: project manager in the field of climate change, previously used to work as a recruiter (HR) for one of the leading ICT companies. National Coordinator of ClimateLaunchpad Moldova 2016.

Mentor of "MoB (Metamorphosis of Butterfly)" (2016)

Ecaterina Tarus

From: Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, Russian, English


About: activEco - Social Entrepreneurship 2015 alumna with the project "Torbesc"; member of "Torbesc" and "Dulce Plai" teams.

Mentor of "Eco Society" (2016)

Lilia Tkachuk

From: Kyiv, Ukraine

Languages: Russian, English

Interests: environmental awareness; urban gardening; equality and identity in a society; intercultural dialogue; conflict solving; youth unemployment; diplomacy; social entrepreneurship; IT; innovation and technology; socialization of refugees; non-formal education

About: logistician; trustee of the All-Ukrainian youth NGO “FRI. Kyiv”; volunteer of the Society Initiatives Institute; alumna of activEco-2015 with the project "EcoPotyag"

Mentor of "Sustainable Development Goals" (2016)

Marina Blaja

Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

About: activEco-2014 alumna with the project "One day eco-camp"; a youth & community activist

Mentor of "Green Stone" (2015)

Violeta Frimu-Patel

Program Manager, Community and Organizational Development at Peace Corps Moldova.

I enjoy volunteering and help out with what I can based on my skills, experience, resources, and contacts. “Paying forward” and empowering people to empower themselves are important to me. Also I hope to grow and learn new things about myself.

Mentor of "Vive Soil" (2015)

Julian Gröger

Comes from Germany, lives in Berlin, visits Moldova 3-5 times a year to support EcoVisio and especially the activEco Program. Knowledgeable both in Cultural Studies and Environmental Management. Loves music, football and playing “Keep Cool”.

When I was teaching at ULIM University in Chisinau in 2007-2009, I met many good people who couldn't see neither a future nor a network of like-minded people in Moldova. In my mind, the activEco program wants to help out here. I want to help many young people developing their ideas in our region and help Moldtopia 2040 come true.

Mentor of "Grădina Urbană Chisinau" (2015)

Anea Hubca

About: activEco-2013 alumna with the project "Gardening for Healthy Life", BSc in Water engineering and protection, member of EcoVisio and activEco facilitator

It is always a pleasure for me to support young creative people. I believe that each of them can achieve big success and contribute to development of our society and promotion of healthy attitude towards environment. Finally, mentoring is a nice opportunity to interact with future activEco alumni, to inspire and to be inspired, to build friendship and to be helpful.

Mentor of "Green Education" (2014), "Our Green Park" (2015).

Peter-Vlad Ianushevici


Languages: Romanian, English

Mentor of the "AskUs: LPA and NGO consulting center. Public Consulting Roundtable" (2015)

Jeff Liu

From: Texas, USA; lived in Balti, Moldova, in 2015-2016

About: a Peace Corps volunteer. A degree in Economics and certification in International Relations. Work experience as a data analyst, community development, and project management. While in Moldova, worked on projects in improving youth volunteerism, developing youth business ideas (Diamond Challenge competition), FLEX English Camp, and a recycling project within the schools of Balti ("Câștigăm când Reciclăm").

Mentor of "Atelier 99" (2015)

Alexandru Lozinschi

From: Calarasi, currently lives in village Riscova (Eco-Village) Moldova

Languages: Romanian, English

About: Born in Calarasi, graduated from high school and the university in Romania, then, in 2008, came back to Moldova. Since then he is seeking to improve his life experience and the life of the people around him, that's why he chose to join Academia Nicolae Dumitrescu, a life-changing organization, as a trainer. During his workshops he is using methods like experiential learning, interpersonal interaction, constructive collaboration.

The same reason stays behind his interest in and support of Eco-Village, activEco and other initiatives.

Mentor of "Bike Guide: Tour with tourists in Chisinau and near by it" (2015)

Eliza Mamaliga

From: village Todiresti, Ungheni & Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, English, Russian

About: activEco 2013 alumna with the project "Learning from the bees", social entrepreneur at Dulce Plai, EcoVisio team member - activEco facilitator, activLocal (Harap Alb) founder and coordinator

As a participant of activEco 2013 I benefited a lot from the program and I want to contribute to its continuation and development. I want to inspire young people to take responsibility for their own life and their communities.

Mentor of "Using organic waste in an efficient way" (2015)

Steven Mantani

About: a Peace Corps Volunteer from New Jersey, USA. Has a degree in Economics and work experience as a project manager and social science technician. In 2015-2016, lived in Orhei and worked on projects with the Youth Center, including The Diamond Challenge competition, Wave Week Camp, GLOW/TOBE Camp, and more. Loves being outside, working with his hands, cooking, gardening, and rock climbing. In 2016, began studies in the area of forestry. 

I decided to be a mentor for the activEco program because I love working in small teams with motivated youth. I am passionate about social entrepreneurship, protecting the environment, and helping to build a better future for Moldova. For me, there is nothing more inspiring than working with so many great young people trying to change the world.

Mentor of "Torbesc" (2015)

Sorin Opinca

activEco 2014 alumnus with the project “Mai Curat!” (“Cleaner!”), participant of ClimateLaunchpad Moldova 2015.

I think that together we can create a positive, sustainable and green future!

Mentor of ""Balance" Documentary" (2015)

Bhavesh Patel

From: UK; lives in Chisinau, has traveled a lot

About: Conversational Architect, organizational & personal development consultant and coach; facilitator

I work with individuals and groups using participatory methods to engage their collective intelligence and leadership. My background is a crazy mix of complexity science, systems thinking, coaching, psychology, spirituality. I work with both corporates and NGOs and have experience in about 30 countries.

Mentor of "Mai curat!" / "Cleaner!" (2014), "Vive Soil" (2015)

Maria Popova

activEco-2014 alumna with the “Iarba Urbană” project, EcoVisio team member, activEco facilitator, coordinator of ClimateLaunchpad Moldova 2015. Adores nature, animals and connections with people.

I've implemented a project in the frames of activEco in 2014 and continue working on it after the end of the activEco educational year, so I feel that I have what to share with new activEco participants who are willing to make their ideas reality and need a real advice from those who had had the same experience before.

Mentor of "EcoQuest" (2015)

Valeria Șvarț-Gröger

Valeria was born and grew up in Moldova; studied Geoecology and Natural Resource Management in Germany and lives currently in both countries. She founded EcoVisio together with a team of visionary friends and is the current president of the Association. Valeria is also a facilitator in the MitOst International Network, passionate about ecology, social entrepreneurship, spiritual development and foreign languages.

Mentor of “Training Center NO LIMITS” and “Green Light” (2015)

Ion Ungureanu

activEco 2013 alumnus with the “Bike Point” project, member of EcoVisio, activEco facilitator. Specialist in the fields of ecology and natural sciences, law and IT. As a youth worker, found out more about how to engage people; as a social activist, has an understanding how central environmental authority and its subdivisions function, how cooperation among various civil organizations is established.

I consider that my knowledge and experience in environmental field can be very useful for any team that is willing to tackle this issue.

Mentor of “Bio Paulownia” (2015)

Petru Vinari

From: Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Interests: environmental education; waste management and prevention

About: activEco 2014 alumnus, author of the project "Mai Curat!"; participant of ClimateLaunchpad Moldova 2015. EcoVisio team member, activEco alumni coordinator (2015); member of "Seed It Forward" team (2015-2016); "Hai Moldova!" coordinator (2016)

Mentor of "It’s clean not where it is cleaned up, but where nobody LITTERS!" (2015)

Liana Cernov

About: EcoVisio team member, activEco facilitator, activEco local coordinator (2015), Master in Environmental Sciences and Policy (CEU)

Mentoring is a very modern way of interacting with people. It is a great chance to work in a team, to learn a lot about stages in project development.

I am eager to learn what interesting and unique methods of project realization the mentees will choose for themselves and how they will change their mind, perspective and initial plan throughout the implementation, as it consists of a permanent improvement and self-reflection.

Mentor of “Learning from bees” (2013) and “Paperology” (2014)

Victoria Novac & Igor Hincu

About: Social Entrepreneurs at EduJoc.

We want to help, inspire and share our experience to other persons with same vision and values. We promote eco and healthy lifestyle. Together with teams we can encourage people and give examples about what each of us should make to live in a better world.

Mentors of "Eco-bag for Chişcăreni" (2014)

Cristina Kifa

From: lives and works in Chisinau, Moldova

Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Interests: eco-activism, tourism

About: activEco-2013 alumna with the project "Eco-tourism for urban youngsters".

I want to help mentees realize a successful and memorable project.

Mentor of "" (2014)

Anastasia Sersun

Has worked in an IT company, as a Quality Analyst; a volunteer for more than 7 years. Took part in several ecological projects, one of which was EcoWeek, organized by group of volunteers from EcoVisio community. 

I support activEco, because I believe that small steps and projects can also influence our environment and bring us to better life.

Mentor of "" (2013)

Liliana Botnaru

From: Moldova

About: active in civil society since 1998, taking on various roles: volunteer, NGO founder, project coordinator, president of an alliance of NGOs and trainer. Mother to three kids, she got passionate about a healthier, more affordable and ecological living, close to people that share similar values. At the moment, she is the main point of contact for anyone interested in Eco-Village Moldova project - as one of its founders.

Mentor of "Bike Point" (2013)

Amy Samuelson

From: USA

About: A cultural anthropologist who did a research on environmentalism in Moldova and Romania. Taught English and writing in Chisinau.

I enthusiastically support activEco because I agree with the organizers’ vision of improving the environment through grassroots efforts that involve the local community. I am continually inspired by participants’ optimism and dedication to making positive changes in Moldova.

Mentor of "Gardening for Healthy Life" (2013)