The activEco program is implemented by:

The "EcoVisio" Association, Moldova

"EcoVisio" is a youth led grassroots environmental NGO from Moldova, founded in 1999 and working in the field of environment, social entrepreneurship and civic engagement. Its vision is the sustainable development of Moldova and its neighbouring regions, uniting all the ethnic groups and languages present in a diverse and resilient society based on positive attitude, values of creative economic cooperation and responsibility for the natural resources as commons.

EcoVisio is implementing this vision by connecting more and more people who want to work on a common future for the region, empowering them and creating a vibrant community of changemakers. This is done through a wide range of projects, of which the primary one is activEco, born in 2013 and growing ever since.

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The Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg is a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation and the MitOst Association that supports young people who wish to engage as active and self-reliant citizens. Concentrating on personal development, it strengthens their potential, social skills and sense of responsibility through seminars, further education, support for volunteer work in projects and guidance through mentorship.

The THK promotes a culture of active citizenship, meaning transparency, openness, trust, diversity-consciousness, equality-orientation and social responsibility.

In its focus regions, it works together with partners in local or crossborder programs, such as the activEco program together with EcoVisio.

MitOst Association

MitOst is a networking platform for alumni of various international foundation programmes, such as activEco. It promotes cultural exchange and active citizenship in Europe and its neighbouring regions, embracing over 1.400 members in 40 different countries. They organise international programmes and projects, promoting new forms of social engagement. The annual International MitOst Festival brings this network together.

MitOst creates innovative spaces and facilitates the exchange of experiences for common activities. Offering financial and professional support for its members, it helps to bring to life their ideas such as exhibitions, campaigns in public spaces, theatre workshops, meetings and trainings.

MitOst is collaborating with EcoVisio on activEco, activPeace and activLocal.

Auswärtiges Amt, AA

As Germany and German society are enmeshed in ever-growing international networks, the Federal Foreign Office - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany - promotes intensive interaction and exchange with the world in the fields of business, culture, science and technology, the environment, development issues and many more areas. It works closely with partners from civil society, including business associations, unions and humanitarian and human rights organizations.

The Federal Foreign Office is collaborating with EcoVisio on activEco, activPeace and activLocal.

Active Commons Association

Active Commons e.V., founded in 2010 and bazed in Berlin, is an association initiating and supporting projects that enable people to protect and share our common resources (climate, forests, open source knowledge or other assets we all benefit from) through environmental education. Active Commons supports a tree planting volunteer network called WikiWoods, the Transition-Movement in Berlin-Brandenburg, an open source knowledge project for regional apple juice production and the activEco Program in Moldova.

Eco-Village Moldova

The Eco-Village Moldova is a diverse group of people, striving for a more sustainable lifestyle and committed to building an organically evolving eco-community in the village of Riscova. Their vision is based on the following principles: reducing our environmental footprint, building healthy community relationships, improving the quality of life, promoting volunteerism and continuous education.

The Eco-Village is collaborating with activEco team on the Environmental Training Center, launched in 2016, which is gong to serve as a regional hub for practical education in the fields of organic agriculture, energy efficiency, eco-construction and community development.